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Thanks for coming to my website, please contact me for bespoke commissions and to enquire about unlisted original works for sale. Please also contact for workshops, interviews, panel appearances and collaboration opportunities. If you have an idea, let's talk it through. 

If you want an informal chat, head over to Instagram and say hello, I would love hear from you. I regularly hold lives and show you behind the scenes from the studio. 

Join my weekly workshops (Fashionista and Dare to Draw) with soul sanity below 

Art For Art’s Sake - Soul Sanity

Artist Statement

Molly Lambourn is an internationally exhibiting Fine Artist from Kent. She recently completed her master’s in Fine Art at UCA Canterbury. Her practice specialises in drawing, she draws obsessively on 2D and 3D forms. Molly’s practice is inspired by literature and explores themes of womanhood, self, and the domestic. Her work is decadently intricate and detailed, subverting conventional images of beauty and femininity to explore darker realities.

Molly has recently shown with the Royal Scottish Academy and has also shown with the Turner Contemporary, Royal British Society of Artists and the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm. She is a member of ArtCan and regularly exhibits with them. History permeates Molly’s influence and she has worked with Jane Austen’s House on a residency to explore Jane and also worked with Pow! Thanet to deliver an exhibition about the Greenham Women.

Current and upcoming Events 

Find me on Instagram: @mollylambourn for regular lives and walkthroughs of my exhibitions! 

Use my linktree for links to the latest events, charity auctions, workshops and more.

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