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Artist Biography 

Molly Lambourn is an emerging Fine Artist from Kent. She recently completed her master’s in Fine Art at UCA Canterbury. Her practice specialises in drawing, she draws obsessively on 2D and 3D forms. Molly’s practice is inspired by literature and explores themes of womanhood, self, and mundanity. Her work is decadently intricate and detailed, subverting conventional images of beauty and femininity to explore darker realities. As well as practicing Fine Art, Molly is also the founder of the sustainable slow fashion brand ‘Sophie Stokes’, selling 100% recycled plastic illustrated jewellery. She has experience illustrating children’s books, album covers and hosting inclusive creative workshops.

She recently exhibited at the Turner Contemporary. Her recent practice has involved completing an artist residence with the Cordial Eye Gallery in Massachusetts and also with Jane Austen's House, focusing on how the concept of ‘Joy’ can be used for sustained political activism. She is a continued Artist in Residence for Mouthing Off Magazine. Molly has worked with Pow! Thanet to develop engaging community exhibitions, her co-organised ‘Women in Protest’ show celebrated the Greenham Women. Adapting to Covid 19 which prevented the conventional use of galleries, the show utilised Margate’s Broad Street and took over several windows of local businesses. She has also recently been selected for the RBA 2021 Rising Star’s Exhibition and is set to have her first London show in 2022 with ArtCan. 

Current and upcoming Events 

  • Turner Contemporary - Open 2021-2022 

  • Jon Bird Prize- Fishlab Gallery (19th-25th January) 

  • Map Show, Beach Creative Herne Bay (March) 

  • Winter Show- Kingsgate Project Space London (21st January- 12th February)

  • Under the Rainbow, Bluewater Shopping Centre, (28th April- 4th May) 

  • Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (26th-29th May)